About the Dental Society

The Humboldt-Del Norte Dental Society is a component of the California Dental Association (CDA).  The CDA, in turn, is a constituent of the American Dental Association. California Dental Association dentists have pledged to meet standards of practice and ethics in addition to those required by law. Specifically, they have pledged to:

  • Place the needs of patients before needs of the practice.
  • Continually improve standards of care for all patients.
  • Serve only the true dental needs of patients.
  • Improve the dental health of residents in the community.
  • Maintain and improve professional knowledge and skills.
  • Allow other dentists to clinically review patient treatment.
  • Diligently oversee and direct the activities of other dental team members¬† in the office.
  • Share new knowledge with colleagues

Officers of the Dental Society:

President: Michael Belluscio, DDS
President-elect: Adam Kochendorfer, DDS
Secretary-Treasurer: Vacant
CDA Trustee: Sam Kennedy, DDS
Immediate Past President: Karla Roman, DMD
Editor: Adam Kochendorfer, DDS

Committee Chairs:

Cal-D-Pac: Michael Belluscio, DDS
Continuing Education: Kerisa Elloway, DDS
Community Health: George Epperson, DDS
Ethics: Karisa Elloway, DDS
Librarian: George Epperson, DDS
Membership: Richard Wolven, DDS
National Children’s Dental Health Month: Brad Tucker, DDS
Peer Review: David Nelson, DDS, Michael Belluscio, DDS, Brett Wonenburg, DDS
HDNDS Scholarship: Gabriel Enriquez, DDS
Well Being: John Winzler, DDS

At Large Members: Ralph Davis, DDS

Executive Director: Dani Hinrichs

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